Monday, October 1, 2012

Email #19

   So after last week's little e-mail fiasco, I'm going to try sending my e-mails from now on with the pictures attached in a separate e-mail. Sorry about the confusion!

   Good news - I don't feel sick anymore! I can't even remember if I mentioned it in my last e-mail, but I was feeling pretty crummy last preparation day when I was writing my e-mail. But by the following morning, I felt completely fine - Thank heavens. 

   I truly feel so blessed to be here serving in Fresno itself in the Pioneer Park ward. I can't even describe to you how much I love the members in this ward. From the old-dead Hmong ladies all the way down to the insane screaming Hmong kids, I really just feel so blessed to be here serving with these people. I know this sounds super-cliche, but this really is the best call to serve. 

   One fun thing we've been doing this week is what I've deemed 'Investigator Hunting.' I don't know if you remember the story from a couple weeks ago about how Elder Allen and I found the lady cooking meat outside her apartment. Anyways, we have literally been borderline stalking her trying to figure out which apartment she actually lives in because she and her husband are really interested in coming. It's kind of frustrating, but I know that if we continue to be diligent the Lord will help us be able to find their family. 

   This last week we finally found what I would like to think is my first 'golden' investigator. Elder Allen and I were trying to contact a former-investigator and met her little brother Kong, who is 20 years-old and is really interested in learning more about the restoration! I know I've said this a lot, but it really just blows my mind away when I see how the Lord is preparing people for us missionaries to go out and find! I'll keep you updated on how he is progressing. 

  Speaking of 'keeping you updated,' here are some updates on the past people I said I would let you know about...
  • Miracle Cooking-Meat-In-Front-Of-Her-Apartment-Complex lady - Still on the hunt to have a real lesson with her.
  • Lu, aka the lady who was referred to us and we thought had a lot of potential and committed her to be baptized - she decided that she just wants to go to the church by her house instead of continuing to learn more. Kind of a bummer, but maybe future missionaries will be able to get to her. For now we're giving her time. 
  • Ze, aka the lady who we met during a dinner appointment and gave a church tour to and seemed really interested in joining - we've been having a really hard time even getting into contact with her. Hopefully we'll be able to meet with her soon!
   I never thought I'd say this, but the member's always feeding us missionaries is starting to become a problem. This last Thursday our dinner appointment cancelled, so Elder Allen and I ran through the Wendy's drive through (Shout-out Thank You to Momma for the gift card), then show up to our next appointment who "on a whim" cooked us this insane Thanksgiving Dinner...... I don't think that I've ever eaten so much in my life. 

   This week was fast and testimony and meeting because of conference next weekend (WHOO!), and I tried to translate in sacrament meeting again.... which unfortunately didn't work so well because everyone that bore their testimonies were either old Hmong woman who I literally couldn't understand a single word, or people who spoke around 87343 miles per hour. Translating is actually my favorite thing to do, just it's kind of awkward when a lady is going crazy at the pulpit bearing her testimony in a language that I really don't think is Hmong, your supposed to be translating but not saying a word in the headset transmitter, and all the English-speakers in the audience are just staring at you waiting for you to say something...... Welcome to every week in the Pioneer Park Hmong ward :)

  I've got to go now, but I love you all so much! You are in my prayers, and please pray for the poeple here in Fresno that they will continue to be prepared by the Lord and Elder Allen and myself will be able to find them! I LOVE YOU!

- Tub Txib Tshaj Lug Vwj / 
   Elder Matthew Doane

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